Find Out How I Went from Working 60 to 70 Hours a Week to Being a Full-Time Stay-at-Home Father!

(This is My True Story...)

My Name Is Na-im Robinson and this is my true story!

I started in the Human Service field as a direct staff at 21 years old...

I worked as a Direct Staff, Lead Staff, and even Supervisor with Mental Retardation and Mental Health adolescent and a little with the elderly for 13+ years.

I was introduced to the Home Based Business at the age of 29 by a family member who thought I was one of the nicest person that would be a good fit for this industry.

I said no 5 times because I was making alright money (which I thought). However, with his persistence he got me involved in this great profession.

2 months later I made my 1st $100, I didn't take this business serious at first - until I started getting sick and tired of working so many hours just to make ends meet. Beside, I didn't mention I had two kids at this point.

~Fast Forward~

When I received my first $100, I had to start learning more about this industry - that $100 turned into $1000's per month and then even per week. This industry put more money in my pocket then working my full time job. While the income kept coming in, I started to decrease my hours at work.

My passion in life is to help people, today I am 36 and I still work in the Human Service field, however; I only work 15-20 per week because I LOVE helping kids with daily living skills! 


Now, let's get to the meat and patotato's - if you're interested in making extra money from home? Not stopping what you're currently doing. Just follow these simple steps:

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